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Welcome to St. Jacob’s Lutheran Church
A congregation of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).

Welcome to St. Jacobs Lutheran Church! As you navigate through the site you will find information on our worship times, ministries and upcoming events. If you do not find what you are looking for, please give us a call at 803-345-2309.

“St. Jacobs exists as an expression of God’s love and grace in Chapin. Our mission is to share the care and concern of our congregation by serving our Lord in our community, nation and the world to the best of our God given talents, possessions and abilities.”

     I would like to thank you for coming and visiting us here at St. Jacob’s Lutheran church, we are an NALC congregation and have been a Christian witness in the Chapin area since the 1700’s. We work hard at being a welcoming and hospitable congregation as we like to say, “We don’t have visitors we have guests”, meaning that the welcome is implied and expressed. All of God’s people as well as those seeking to grow and understand the Christian faith are invited to come and join us for worship, fellowship and education. We as a faith community strive to hold fast to an orthodox reading of the scriptures as the revelation of God’s Word and the norm for our lives.

     At St. Jacob’s we believe that every member must participate and use their God given gifts and talents if we are to fulfill the call placed upon us to be a faithful witnessing community. Every member will at some time or another hear these words, “You don’t have to do everything but you must do something.” These words express our attempt to live out the expectation that is placed upon us at our baptisms, to rise and carry our crosses, to let our lights so shine that the world might see and know Christ. We have many different ministries to help explore and encourage a person’s gifts and talents and wonderful congregational members who will walk with them on this path.

     I hope that you will join us Sunday morning in praising God and offering our worship and I look forward to greeting you. Please take some time to explore our church and if you have any questions you may contact the church office and schedule a meeting with the Pastor.

God Bless,

Pastor Kevin Powers