Christian Education for 2016

Thank you to all who volunteered their time and talent this year, fulfilling their baptismal promises to teach our children God’s holy word. It is my prayer that we all will continue help one another grow in our faith and trust in our mighty Father.

This year our Sunday School consisted of two (2) Adult classes, one (1) High School Class (which eventually merged with one of the Adult classes due to lack of teachers), one (1) Middle School class, (1) one Elementary School class, and one (1) preschool class.

I would like to especially thank Mrs. Libby Shealy for her dedication to teaching our Middle School children and all those who volunteered to teach each Sunday, some who even coordinated their own teaching and lesson schedules.

Our Team was responsible for Vacation Bible School this summer. We began each night with supper for the attendees and their families. The curriculum, Surf Shack, had classes for Adults through Preschool and we learned about God’s mission in our lives. Pastor Kevin once again led the Adult class and the younger children rotated between music, games, lessons, crafts and snacks. We had a wonderful time learning about how God creates, helps, loves, calms and sends each of us. We would like to send a big thank you to all our volunteers who fed our children and Adults with food and especially God’s Word!


VBS Daily Attendance Average:

  • Kids: 35 – 40
  • Adults: 40 – 43

Other Team Accomplishments:

  • Confirmation Class (Pastor Kevin, David Kibler and Dawn Rister)
  • First Communion Class (Pastor Kevin)
  • Children’s Christingle (Advent) Service – This service included participation of children from our Preschool class to our High School Class. We would like to thank St. Jacobs’s staff, musicians, children and all our wonderful parent volunteers who helped chaperone and organize this service.
  • With much appreciation from the Christian Education Team we look forward to serving side by side with our brothers and sisters in Christ, spreading His word and love to all who need to hear and know Him.