St. Jacob’s Lutheran Church Congregational for February 6, 2018 Meeting

Council noted Good Things at St.Jacob’s this past month included the installation of Pastor Nuottila went well, the
write up in the Chapin Times newspaper concerning St.Jacob’s new Pastor was exciting, the Congo presentation
along with the love offering was a success and Youth Sunday on February 4th went well.
Ministry Teams- Thank you to those that submitted monthly reports. A few highlights of the monthly reports are
included below.
Staff Support- St.Jacob’s is actively looking for a part time Christian Education/Youth Minister.
Worship and Music- Currently preparing for Lenten meals, working to finalize Holy Week and Easter services.
Children’s choir will kick off on February 18th at 9:15am. The children will work on preparing their songs for Easter
Altar Guild- Altar vases were refurbished and returned. Gluten free waters are now available for communion.
Prayer Team- Completed the year end report.
Constitution Team- Several change request have been submitted for the constitution.
Audit Team- Plans to audit the church books and the youth books are set for March 2018.
Building Team- Meet and reviewed several ideas for the church. Looking forward to working with the Long Range
Team as well as the church congregation on the future vision for St.Jacob’s.
Nominations- The list of team leaders for 2018 was finalized. Team leader responsibilities were distributed to each
team leader. We have an open position for a Long Range Planning team leader. The annual report was submitted to
the church office.
Up and Going- 185 bows for hospice bags were made at the last meeting. Members gathered and enjoyed a pot of
soup together. Helen Lindler gave devotions on “new beginnings” which our baptism gives us everyday. Friday at the
Zoo was planned for February 2nd, weather permitting.
Youth- Youth Sunday was great on February 4th! Over $400 was collected for “We Care” in Chapin. Youth provides
the Lenten meal on February 21st. Barbecue tickets are also being sold by all of St.Jacob’s youth. The youth
barbecue will be on March 17th.
Communication/Membership- 361 total membership as of February 5, 2018.
314 baptized confirmed and 47 baptized only.