Up and Going News

The group met at 10AM on Friday, Feb 9th, in the Fellowship Hall to conduct business and to enjoy devotions given by Ray. He read from a booklet entitled “Jesus Calling”. His devotions reminded us to praise and thank God for His many blessings that we so often take for granted. We took a moment to thank God for the beautiful day that He had provided for our enjoyment.
Members voted to send a memorial in memory of Mr. Dan to St. Jacob’s Church Congo Mission Fund. We signed cards for Mrs. Floriede, Sandra, and Davis. Each person took a card to send to Hannah.
Twelve members and guests boarded the St. Jacob’s Express driven by Gerald and headed to The Brookland Banquet Facility in West Columbia
to enjoy a special treat Valentine’s Day seafood buffet, delicious food, beautiful surroundings and great service. Everyone enjoyed this event.
Now on to the Riverbanks Zoo to enjoy a “Free Friday at the Zoo”. We all got our exercise. We walked/took the trolley from one end of the zoo to the other. A special treat was the judged Orchid Show at the Botanical Gardens. The orchids were of all sizes and colors. God gave us the MOST beautiful day to enjoy the zoo. The animals were active, the people were friendly and the zoo was not so crowded. We all had a great time. Special “thank you” to Gerald.

March meeting will be on the 2nd Thursday, March 9th at 11AM in the Fellowship Hall. We will prepare Hospice Easter Bags (doing whatever is necessary to get the job done). Lunch will be a “Brown Bag Working Lunch”. Please bring an item that you would find in a brown bag lunch (sandwiches, chips, goodies, desserts, etc). Wear comfortable shoes and clothes because we will do lots of walking and moving about. Come join us, you will enjoy the fellowship and be so proud of the finished bags.