Council News

Council noted Good Things at St. Jacob’s this past month included that the Lenten services and meals were well received, Holy Week services were good and even had better attendance than last year.

Ministry Teams – Thank you to those that submitted monthly reports. A few highlights of the monthly reports are
included below.

Staff Support – Staff Support team members were received.

Spiritual Life – A long range plan is being put together for the new children’s choir. Adult volunteers are needed to
rotate during the practices for the children.

Altar Guild met on March 11, 2018. Feedback from the congregation was discussed and reviewed.

Prayer Team – Leaders and members were received and recorded.

Short Term – The St.Jacob’s Youth treasury books were great. The church treasury books were audited.

The Constitution Team is working to make the constitution information in the report booklet consistent.

The Building Team is working with the Long Range Planning Team on the goals for the church.

Parish Life – Lutheran Women are currently planning the May 6th congregational meal as well as the June 23rd
Mother-Daughter Brunch.

The Fellowship Team planned a bowling trip for April 5, 2018.

Up and Going had 13 members and 1 guest at their monthly meeting, they meet in the fellowship hall to enjoy a “Brown Bag Items” lunch. Each member brought an item of food that you would find in a lunch bag. Helen provided a devotion on how to deal with bad news media. An April 12, 2018, event is planned. The group plans to visit Bishopville, SC for a BBQ lunch.

Youth – The Youth BBQ raised approximately $2,500. Thank you to all that helped with this successful event! The next Youth meeting was planned for April 15th at 5pm. The group plans to attend Sonic for a Bible Study. There is a need for a Youth Leader to begin the month of May and lead this group until a Youth Minister can be hired.

Support of Ministries – The Technology Team members were received.

The Cemetery Team cut brush along the wooded area in the cemetery.