Worship and Music News

Music speaks to our souls and can touch us
in unexpected ways during our lives. If you’re like
me, there are songs you grew up singing, songs that
had a deeper meaning to you than the mere words
on the page. Perhaps it was a song that you just
happened to hear or sing at a time when you needed
to be reminded of the truth written in those words.
This summer – from the first Sunday in June
through the 3rd Sunday in August, you have the
opportunity to choose what the choir sings for the
offertory anthem. We’d like to know your favorite
hymns: ones from old hymnals, spirituals, gospel
songs, children’s songs, camp songs – anything that
is appropriate for worship service.

There will be a box in the narthex along with
paper and pencils for you to write down those
favorites. You don’t have to look up a hymn number;
simply write the title of the hymn. If you aren’t sure
of the title, but know the lyrics to the refrain, write
that down. You don’t have to write your name on the
paper but please be aware that if there is any
difficulty in locating the hymn you requested, I would
not know who to contact for additional information.

Each summer Sunday, starting May 27th,
during the children’s sermon, one of the children will
draw a hymn out of the box. That hymn will be the
anthem on the following Sunday. And if there are
any members of the congregation who would like to
come to the choir loft during the sharing of the peace
to sing that hymn with the choir, this is your

Soli Deo Gloria,