Council Reports for November

Council noted Good Things at St. Jacob’s this month included that the Hannah Coker Blood Drive was a huge success. There were 50 units of blood collected and the goal was met. Thanks to everyone that helped with this Blood Drive effort! Thank you to A.J. Peeples for delivering the Sunday message on Lutheran Men Sunday! The Youth Choir did a great job singing on October 28th. Thank you to Frances Slice for covering the church office duties while Sherry Floyd was away.

Pastor Report – Pastor David thanked Gerald Lindler for handling several important church situations while he was away on vacation. Also, thanks to the other Pastors for their Pastoral Care while he was away, especially Pastor Dave Tholstrup.

Staff Support – The Staff Support Team is advertising the position for Director of Youth and Family Ministries. The position is also listed on the St. Jacob’s website. St. Jacob’s has received numerous resumes for Director of Youth and Family Ministries. The Interview Team is to meet on November 11, 2018 to review all received resumes. Pastor David is to setup a time for the Interview Team to meet with the 3 strongest candidates. Acknowledged Laurie Lackey’s birthday on November 6, 2018.

Spiritual Life – A master list of the “Time & Talents” sheets for St. Jacob’s Church was created by Brenda Smith. This list was forwarded to each Council member and each associated team category is to be distributed into every Team Leader’s respective box. The choir workshop was rescheduled for Saturday, November 17th. The Worship and Music Team are finalizing plans for the special Day of Epiphany Service on January 6, 2019.

Short Term – Council unanimously approved the proposal for upgrading the Fellowship Hall kitchen from the Building and Property Teams. This recommendation will be brought to the Congregation on December 2, 2018 at the Congregational Meeting.

Witness – The Publicity Team worked together with Don Dease on getting the publicity out to the public for the Hannah Coker Blood Drive.

Support of Ministries – Membership Secretary reported the following statistics: 353 – Total church Membership as of 11/05/2018, 308 -Baptized confirmed, 45 -Baptized only

Old Business

• Council unanimously approved to accept the St. Jacob’s proposed 2019 yearly budget of $286,747.00 with a weekly contribution needed of $5,514. 00. This is compared to our 2018 yearly budget of $272,097.00 and weekly needed contribution of $5,233.00. This will be brought to the Congregational Meeting on December 2, 2018.

• Video/Record/YouTube options for Church Service for shut-ins-status—Brandon is gathering various quotes for phone and internet service for St. Jacob’s. Brandon is also in the process of setting up a place in the nursery to view the weekly sermons.

• Digital Sign—There has been $15,110.00 currently donated for the purchase of a digital sign as of November 4, 2018. Council unanimously approved to present a recommendation to the congregation on December 2, 2018 during the congregational meeting.

• Windows—Council unanimously approved to have maintenance completed on the Church’s stain glass windows.

New Business

Council nominees for 2019-2020 to be presented to the Congregation on December 2, 2018 are listed below. Other qualified nominees (who agree to serve) can be received from the floor. We will need to elect five from this list of nominees. 1. David, 2. A.J., 3. Johanne, 4. Marie, 5. Robert, 6. Karla, 7. Sherrie, 8. Leon, 9. Kayla, 10. John