At the next convocation of the North American Lutheran Church, clergy and congregational delegates will elect a new bishop. Bishop John Bradosky is set to complete his final term as the leader of our denomination. The NALC will soon be receiving nominations in order to elect his successor. In the coming months, nominations for this office will be made by NALC congregations. St. Jacob’s will, therefore, observe a month of prayer
asking for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, that we might make an informed decision as to whom we would nominate to the office of Bishop.

Prayers for the NALC and the nomination process will be published each day in February on St. Jacob’s Facebook page. There will also be a prayer booklet available in the church narthex for those who do not use Facebook or the internet. In March, the congregation will have an opportunity to gather for a meal and discuss nominations. Please continue to watch the weekly worship bulletin for more information.