In November, the Altar Guild purchased two new pouring chalices and a new wine flagon for use during Holy Communion. We have also received a gift of four new individual cup serving trays with two lids. With these new vessels, St. Jacob’s will become better stewards of the communion elements shared during our worship. With these new items will come a couple of small changes in how we serve the wine. The chalices that were purchased have a pouring lip and will be used to pour wine during the distribution. After receiving the bread, the communion assistant will pour an individual cup of wine for each person. Many of our communion assistants have been trained and found this to be a simple way to serve. The chalices are also much wider at the brim so communion by way of intinction will be much better as well.

One other change will be the frequency by which we receive communion in individual cups. Several have indicated their preference for individual cups rather than intinction. Beginning in February, we will have wine poured on the odd numbered Sundays of the month, and communion by intinction on the even numbered Sundays.

Thank you to all who have attended communion assistant training. Thank you also the members of our Altar Guild who continually work to ensure the preparation of our worship space and altar each week.