The Blessing of Palms

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Holy Week for this year begins on April 14th with the celebration of Palm Sunday and reading of the Passion of Christ. The service will begin with a Blessing of the Palms. Upon entering the church, everyone will be given a palm branch which will be blessed at the beginning of our worship service. Following worship that day, you are invited to take your palm branch home and place somewhere visible, so it can be a reminder for you of Christ’s passion. The dried palms may be brought to the church next Transfiguration Sunday to be burned and reduced to ashes for Ash Wednesday. Following hundreds of years of Church tradition, the palms waved in celebration will become the symbol of our mortality for which Christ came to reconcile forever.

Sunday Sermon Series & Mid-Week Lenten Services

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Our Lenten sermon series “The Two Roads” continues in April. Following traditional Lenten texts, “The Two Roads” is based on the Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken”. During this series, worshipers can reflect upon the ways we follow Christ as he journeys toward Jerusalem and the cross.

Our Mid-week services during Lent are a presentation of dramatic readings from Sola Publishing: Pilate’s Investigation: “Who Is This Jesus?” The Installments in April have us hearing Pilate discuss the person of Jesus with Judas Iscariot and the apostle Peter. Join us each Wednesday during Lent for an evening meal and worship. It all begins at 6:15 PM in the fellowship hall.

Lutheran Men And Lutheran Women News

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The Lutheran Men and Lutheran Women will not have a meeting in April due to their scheduled date falling on Easter Sunday.

The Lutheran Women will be conducting the service on Sunday, April 28th. Make your plans to attend.

Easter Egg Hunt!!!

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Please note the change in the date for the Easter Egg Hunt.
Date: Saturday, April 13th (Saturday before Palm Sunday)
Time: 10 AM
Ages for Egg Hunt: 12 years and under
Where: Fellowship Hall
There will be crafts, egg hunts, and snacks! Bring a basket and a friend! Come join the fun!

Youth Group Food Drive

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St. Jacob’s Youth is continuing their collection of non-perishable foods for We Care of Chapin. Each week donations will be collected at the beginning of the Children’s sermon during worship. A youth group member will pull a wagon down the aisle in which you may put your gifts of non-perishable items. Thank you for your help with this youth group service project

Morning Bible Study

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Morning Bible Study continues to be held each Tuesday at 9:30 AM in the fellowship Hall. Our topic is The Mission and Ministry of Paul. Bring along your Bible and a willingness to learn more about the most prolific writer of the New Testament. Our last class will be Tuesday of Holy Week, April 16th.

Connections Magazine

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Connections Magazine is the official publication of the North American Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ published by Sola Publishing. This magazine is available for home delivery, one issue every two months at a rate of $24.00 annually. Volume discounts are available for congregations participating in the Connections Home delivery Plan. Sample copies of Connections Magazine are located in the Narthex. Feel free to browse through these issues. Be sure to check out the article on page 14. You may contact the church office if you wish to subscribe.

Council Briefs for March 7, 2019

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The St. Jacob’s Church Council met March 7th, 2019 for its regular meeting.

Good things noted around St. Jacob’s for the month of February (and a little into March!) were:
1.) The bringing of the church children to the Baptismal Font to witness baptism up close
2.) Congregational singing has been exceptional and enjoyed at all services
3.) The bereavement response of the congregation has been good and faithful
4.) The refurbished Church Kitchen was blessed on Shrove Tuesday
Important Notes and Dates:
• Pastor will be on vacation from April 28th through May 11th
• Pastor will be on Mission Trip to Congo from July 8th through July 25th
• VBS dates have been set and will be held from June 17th – June 20th (Monday-Thursday); please be on the lookout for
details and volunteer positions
• Brandon Slice and Larry Shull have volunteered to be Delegates for St. Jacob’s at the upcoming NALC convocations
Names for the convocation are still being accepted for consideration. Pease see Pastor David or Council President Danny

New phone system to be installed; phone numbers will remain the same

Congregation Informational Meeting for the upcoming election of the new bishop will be held by Pastor David sometime in May after service; date to be determined and published before hand.

Congratulations to Pastor David and Mrs. Angela on the sale of their home and becoming full time Chapin residents!

Next scheduled council meeting is April 2nd in the church office at 6:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Secretary, St. Jacob’s Council

Pastoral Devotion for March

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The Father’s Will

Read Matthew 21:23-32
In the parable, Jesus said “A man had two sons.” Both of these sons were given direction to work in their father’s vineyard. One said no, but later went. The other said yes, but did not go. Which of the two did the will of his father? According to the Pharisees, it was the son who said no, but changed his mind.

Have you ever noticed in this parable, Jesus doesn’t tell them that they are correct? Did the Pharisees get it right? The truth is, both sons at one point fell short of the father’s expectations. Both sons needed a change of heart.

How often have you heard God’s Word and said “No, I will not go” but later went? How many other times have you said, “Yes, I will go” but failed to do so? In each case we fall short of God’s glory and need a change of heart. Thankfully, through Christ we are afforded God’s mercy and grace. All we need to do is ask and God will provide the will and means necessary to do that which he calls us to do. For the will of the Father is that we believe in his Son. Today, as in all days, God calls you to work in his vineyard. How will you respond?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, strengthen me in faith, that when you call, I may do your will. Amen.

From the Pastor’s Heart

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Before you read this page, first go pick up your Bible. Then go to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water. Now set the glass filled with water beside your Bible on the table nearest you and begin reading.

A book I enjoy reading is written by Max Lucado titled Come Thirsty. Within its pages, one can hear God calling us, inviting us to come to him as a father calls his dear children. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about God’s love for his people. As we begin our annual Lenten pilgrimage toward Easter, it is appropriate that we ponder how we approach our Father in heaven. It is a time to earnestly study God’s Word and to pray for heightened awareness of God’s presence each day. It is a time to look deep inside our lives in order that we may see ourselves for who we are as sinners, yet also to see ourselves for whose we are, God’s beloved children redeemed by the blood of Christ. Lent is a time when Christians around the world take time to reflect upon God’s mercy and grace. It’s also a time when we are to consider our lives as disciples, loving God with all our heart and loving our neighbor as God loves us. Such is the journey of Lent.

As God’s people, during Lent we are metaphorically traveling the Jerusalem road toward the cross of Good Friday. The cross is where the powers of sin and evil meet the powers of God’s righteousness and mercy. The events of the cross are the focal point of Lent. They bring the powerful message of God’s salvation through the sacrifice of his Son. Yet, weighed down by the burdens of earthly life, we tend to focus more on worldly things and fail to realize the full impact of what Jesus has done to redeem God’s people. Pulled in several directions at a time, life becomes a blur and before we
know it, we have lost touch with our Lord and Savior. In order that you may fully realize God’s awesome power and love in your life, I invite you to “come thirsty.” Come thirsty to worship and join the hearts and voices of your church family, singing praises to God for all he has done and continues to do. Come thirsty to hear the message of God’s deliverance from death to life for all who believe. I invite you to come thirsty for God’s love, to hear his gospel proclaimed and to realize the love he has especially for you. Come thirsty also to our mid-week Lenten services. Enjoy the fellowship we share and hear the message of Jesus’ victory upon the cross. Come thirsty to learn how you too are
called as a disciple of Jesus Christ, empowered and equipped for ministry and sent into the world for the sake of those who are neediest among us.

Finally, I invite you to ponder the Bible and the glass of water set before you. As you open the pages of Holy Scripture, you will be reminded that, in Baptism, God made water to be a sign of his unfailing love and his promise to save his people. Through water and the Word, God washes us clean from the stain of sin and makes us his own.

Commit to worshiping with us during Lent and come thirsty for God’s love. Be refreshed through the water and the Word as we journey toward the cross of Good Friday. It’s there where sin and brokenness meet the powers of God’s love and righteousness, and his goodness and mercy endure forever.

Grace and peace,
Pastor David Nuottila