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Get set for some fun! In February St. Jacob’s Youth will head to the mountains of North Carolina to go snow tubing. Sign up information is in the Narthex and also available by email. Please contact Pastor David or the church office to save your place.


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The Giving Statements for 2018 have been prepared and are ready for pickup. Please be sure and pick yours up from the Narthex as you exit the service.

Congregational Meeting

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February 17,2019

The church will discuss and vote on the Annual Reports, Schedules and the Financials Booklets on Sunday, February 17th.

Please be sure and pick up your copy in the Narthex. This year no names will be placed on the copies so please only take one per family so everyone will get one.

Report Booklets can be picked up in the Narthex on February 3, 2019.

Council Briefs

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The St. Jacob’s Church Council met in January for a two day council retreat. Friday January 11th, we met for a potluck supper with spouses and had an informative discussion about who/what the NALC is and does; focusing on the four core values of Christ Centered, Mission Driven, Traditionally Grounded and Congregationally Focused.

Three good things recognized from 2018 were 1) Stain Glass Window Restoration; 2) The Children’s Christmas Program; 3) Attendance at Christmas Eve Service.

Saturday Jan.12th Council returned for a 6 hour work day that set the tone for the upcoming year. Sherry was elected Vice-President and A.J. was elected Recording Secretary. Council discussed their favorite Bible passages and how they can mold us for service. Council assessed Discipleship on a personal and congregational level and began to work on how we can foster a culture of Discipleship in and around our congregation.

Council was asked to set three attainable goals for 2019 and they are 1)Review Ministry Team Organization;

2) Repair Parking Lot and Upgrade Exterior Presence;

3) Increase ministry to our surrounding community.

Respectfully submitted,
Secretary, St. Jacob’s Council

From the Pastor’s Heart

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“To those sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints together with all those who in every place call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, both their Lord and ours: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 1:2-3

If you want to know what a person is really passionate about, just listen to them as they speak. It doesn’t take very long to figure out what makes them tick; it’s that one thing they continue to bring up repeatedly. If there is any doubt as to what makes the apostle Paul tick, all we need to do is read the introduction and opening salutations of his first letter to the Church at Corinth. In particular, notice whose name continues to be lifted up.

Paul was zealous for his faith in Christ and eager to share the good news of God’s salvation throughout his known world. Being among God’s people and rejoicing in the promise of life in God’s kingdom is most certainly what fueled Paul’s fire. Throughout his missionary journeys, Paul endured hardship, imprisonment and even shipwrecks, yet nothing seemed to dampen his excitement for telling others about the power of God’s love made manifest in Christ’s victory over sin and death.

The gospel is a message of God’s perfect and unconditional love for his people. The news that sin no longer has the power to condemn those who have faith in Christ Jesus is too good to keep to ourselves. As people
redeemed by Christ, we too are possessors of this good news. We have a wonderful gift to share with a world in need of God’s saving grace. Being among God’s people, in fellowship with the faithful and gathering for worship adds fuel for our fire just as it did for Paul. But once the fire is lit,
we cannot sustain it by ourselves.

In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul teaches the Church that we need to remain steadfast in the hearing of the gospel. We need to share in the supper that is Christ’s body and blood and we need to live in faithful fellowship with all who share the gift of God’s grace and peace. As a family of faith gathered at St. Jacob’s Lutheran church, we must pay attention to the time we spend together as a church family.

Yes, we are busy people with busy lives, but the burden of such a life is one we place upon ourselves. In the lives of Christian people, all too often, time with the church is sacrificed in order to engage in worldly activities. For instance, when is the last time you heard someone say, “I have to leave the football game early so I can make it to our church’s fellowship event”? No, it is usually the church that sees people leaving worship early, or skipping
it entirely, in order to keep their habits or participate in worldly functions. Before we know it, personal habits and worldly agendas take precedent and time spent in worship and fellowship begin to fade. As Paul points out, when we live for ourselves, the fire burning within will certainly diminish. Some will fall away.

Even faithful Christians (especially) need to be on guard. Those who would be seen as examples must be diligent in their faith and practice. If one is faithful 90% of their time, it is the 10% others will see. Christians need to
know and understand that no matter what may happen in this world, God’s grace and peace given through Christ Jesus cannot be overcome. In those times when we fall short of God’s expectation for us, we need to be reminded that our sins are forgiven and as such, God calls us all to be saints together in every time and place, living together in the unity of Christ.

And so, we too gather as did the Church in Paul’s time, in the name of Jesus in order to hear the message of the gospel. We too come to confess our sins, receive God’s grace, partake in the supper and at the close of the meal, hear the words of God’s blessing as they are pronounced over the entire assembly. It cannot be emphasized enough; there is no better place to be than in the presence of God and among his people. With that, I greet you as Paul greets those whom he writes to throughout the ages: “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” Amen!

Grace and peace,
Pastor David Nuottila

Worship and Music News

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So many wonderful things to talk about from the last month! The weeks leading up to Christmas are always rather hectic for a church musician no matter how much advance planning is done; but looking back at everything we did together as a church family in December and early January, I am amazed at the depth of spirituality that came out in every worship service.

A huge thank you: to Angela for all her hard work with the children for the Christmas program; to the youth who read the scriptures for the program; to the parents who brought their children to all the practices and to those who helped with costumes and props. “Come Let Us Adore Him” was a beautiful presentation of the Christmas story made possible by everyone working together.

To Wade, Kathy, David, Evan and John for the instrumental music on Christmas Eve – it adds so much to the service and brings joy to the congregation. To all those who attended the Christmas morning service – what a blessed, holy time that service was; a moment to take a deep breath and reflect on the birth of our Savior.

Many, many thanks to Pastor David and to Pastor James from New Hope for the guidance and support for our combined choirs’ Epiphany cantata. I’ve had so many positive comments from both choir members and parishioners, as well as suggestions for doing similar presentations in the future.

And now, I look forward to what the year 2019 will bring to the music program at St. Jacob’s.

Soli Deo Gloria!
(To God alone the glory!)

Pastoral Devoation for February

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Bearing Witness to God’s Love

John 10:19-42
There is an old saying that suggests actions speak louder than words. When people say “I love you,” the evidence is not in their spoken words, but their acts of kindness. Absent of any display of affection or selfless deeds saying “I love you” is simply an empty exchange of words.

As Jesus lived among God’s people, he proclaimed the fullness of God’s love. However, it is through his many signs and wonders that our Lord makes the Father’s love known in real and visible ways. Foretold by the prophets of long ago, Jesus’ teaching and his miraculous works point to him as God’s Messiah. Still, the Pharisees and scribes would have none of this.

“How long will you keep us in suspense?” “Why do you not tell us plainly?” Jesus had already given the answer, but they refused to believe, even as they’ve seen the evidence with their own eyes. Such hardened hearts are not capable of belief because they do not understand love.

Our works contribute nothing towards our salvation. Yet, as believers in Christ Jesus, our works do bear witness to the love God has for his people. Jesus calls us to a life of love for God and neighbor. When one says “I love God” or “I love my neighbor” he can only be believed when his actions match his words. Without such works, saying “I love God and neighbor” is yet one more empty exchange.

Lord Jesus, make our actions toward others match our words of love, that all may come to see your goodness and mercy. Amen.

Up and Going News

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Up and Going members and guests gathered on Thursday, Dec 13th, in the Fellowship Hall at 11AM to enjoy the annual Christmas Party. Business was conducted. The Treasurer’s Report was received.
Juliette offered prayer for Gloria Livingston, a long time traveler with the Up and Going. Gary read Christmas Bible verses and the group sang responding Christmas Hymns. Joan lead in playing several Christmas Carols with each of us playing chimes. This music was very pretty and all enjoyed playing the Chimes.
Gary gave the meal blessing. The food tables were heavily laden with containers of delicious Holiday foods and desserts. Each person brought their special dish for our enjoyment. Thanks to each of you for this special meal.
Gary and Joan passed out BINGO cards and we played until each person had won a “white elephant” gift and
candies. Much laughter and many comments were made as each won in bingo and then opened their chosen gift; especially if one tried to steal another’s gift. So much fun for us all!
The January Meeting will be held at the home of Bob and Gloria on Thursday, January 10th at 11AM. We will cook a pot of soup. Sign up on the Bulletin Board your choice of soup item to bring. Frances will have devotions and Gloria will have the program. Each person is asked to bring 3 cans of food for We Care. This is a good way to start the New Year since We Care’s pantry will be low.

A Sincere Thanks

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A special thanks goes out to each and every one of our volunteers that gave of their time and talents to assist with the worship services and all the processes that goes with the Advent season. St. Jacob’s is blessed to have such wonderful people willing to assist with the many events that are taking place in the church life. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we do without each one of you!

The Power of Prayer

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by Pastor David

The author of the book of James, Jesus’ very own brother, writes an epistle to the Church in which he exhorts believers in Christ to encourage one another in their faith. James teaches us to pray for those for whom there is genuine concern. James writes, “Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working” James 5:16.

Here at St. Jacob’s, we have so many who believe in the power of prayer. I have been with folks praying for healing, for peace of mind and for calming of fear. I have also been with others to offer thanks to God in a variety of situations. I enjoy those times when I am able to pray with members of our church family and hear the petitions they bring to our Lord.

We also have a congregation that cares very much for the people whom they love, folks who are known to them, but perhaps not to the congregation as a whole. Each week, as we say the Prayers of the Church, I offer the congregation time to pray for those, who are on their hearts and minds either out loud or in the silence of their hearts. There were very few, at first, who would actually speak a name of a loved one aloud. I have noticed, lately, that more have become comfortable doing so. I also am convinced that many more people are praying in the silence of their hearts. Truly, at this point in our worship, we are a community in prayer.

Each month, the narthex prayer board becomes filled with names. I understand it has been the practice in recent years to recite each of these names during the Prayers of the Church. Given the length of this list, and our growth as a community in prayer, it is time that we offer the opportunity for others to speak the names of those loved ones on our prayer board in prayer, either out loud, or in silence. As James teaches us, it is not the voice of the one who recites the prayer, it is the faith through which the prayer is offered.

As pastor, I will continue to speak out loud the names of our church members appearing on our prayer list. I will also continue to allot time for the congregation to offer to God the prayers for those whom they love. I would also suggest that we continue to list on the prayer board, the names of those for whom there is genuine concern. Be sure that you have the person’s permission before hand, so that we may continue to list them in our worship bulletin while ensuring personal privacy. Be certain, the prayers offered by the community at worship are powerful as they are working. God knows the needs of those for whom we pray, just as he knows the faith in which you offer your prayers in love toward your neighbor. May the Lord bless you as you pray for those whom you love.