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Posted January 9, 2019 By admin

On December 2nd, the Children’s Choir sang “O Promised One, O Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, Messiah, come. May we see your Light and walk your way.” The adult choir followed by singing “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus”, “Waiting for a King”, and “Waiting for the Promise” on the Sundays of Advent and “The Birthday of a King” on Christmas Eve.

The ancient prophesies that we read in the season of Advent tell us that the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. That great light, the light of the world, was born as a helpless baby in a lowly cattle stall in the tiny village of Bethlehem. No one knew the significance of that birth, except a few shepherds to whom the angels appeared. It wasn’t until later, 12 days later according to the calendar, that a visit from three men, who had studied the ancient prophesies and followed the guiding of a strangely bright star, revealed that this child Jesus was indeed the promised one … Emmanuel … the King of kings … the light for whom the dark world had been waiting.

On January 6th, we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, which commemorates the arrival of the Magi and the giving of their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the holy child. The combined choirs of St. Jacob’s and New Hope Lutheran Churches will present a mini-cantata at 9 a.m. at New Hope and 10:30 a.m. at St. Jacob’s. Following each of the scripture readings, a special anthem will be sung to tell the story … from ancient prophesy … to the birth of Jesus … to the Epiphany, which is the revealing of the Christ child as God incarnate, the light and salvation of the world.

Advent – waiting for the light and preparing for the second coming of Christ

Christmas – the birth of the light as a humble baby who would walk with us in this world

Epiphany – the revelation to the world that Jesus IS the light for whom we have waited
Soli Deo Gloria!
(To God alone the glory!)

Pastor David and Angela are hosting a Christmas party for the children’s choir and Christmas program participants. We will gather in the fellowship hall after rehearsal on December 9th. All those participating in the Christmas program please join us for pizza, cookie decorating and Christmas fun.

Alter Guild is getting ready for 2019

Posted November 27, 2018 By admin

Many times, members wish to provide the altar flowers in memory of loved ones or in honor of anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. As in the past, a flower chart sign-up sheet will be posted in the Narthex on Sunday December 2nd and will remain until Sunday, December 30th. If there is a particular Sunday YOU would like to furnish the altar flowers for the worship service, please indicate your choice by signing up for that Sunday. The Altar Guild will assign all open dates to other members of the congregation. NOTE: Remember artificial flowers are not to be used in the altar vases and pot plants are to be used to enhance services on Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, Pentecost Sunday and Christmas Services – not as altar flowers.

Children’s Choir Christmas Message

Posted November 27, 2018 By admin

The children’s choir is working hard learning music to help lead worship. We are talking a lot about Jesus as the light of  the world. In Advent the children will call to Jesus, Prince of Peace, Messiah, to come show us the light that we might follow. At Christmas the children will ask us if we are ready for this light. Will we see Jesus as he comes to us? Will we see the person who needs our help? Will we reach out to those who are hurting? Will we be ready to follow wherever God leads us? And finally during Epiphany the children will announce, “Arise and shine, your light has come!” As we celebrate the seasons ahead we pray we will all be ready to let Jesus’s light shine through us. I encourage you all to talk to our children about ways in which you see Jesus in your day to day life and ways that we can all shine Jesus’s light on others.

Merry Christmas from the children’s choir.

Worship and Music News

Posted November 27, 2018 By admin

December 1st is the beginning of Advent. It’s hard to believe 2018 is nearly over; I’m sure I only blinked a couple of
times! There are many worship opportunities in the coming weeks, including:
• Sunday services
• Wednesday evening Advent services, including a Longest Night service on December 19th (keep reading for information
on this special service)
• the Children’s Christmas program on December 16th (reception following)
• Christmas Eve Service at 7 pm
• Christmas Day Service at 10 AM
• a Service of Lessons and Carols on December 30th
• a Feast of the Epiphany special musical presentation by the combined choirs of St. Jacob’s and New Hope on January 6th
From Sola Publishing – Service for the Longest Night: The Seasons of Advent and Christmas can be a terribly lonely and difficult time for those who have lost loved ones. This service of the word and prayer is meant to provide a safe place to grieve and be comforted by God’s eternal love and light. It is often used on the night of the Winter Solstice, December 21st, the longest night of the year.

While the Children’s Program isn’t a worship service in the traditional sense, it is a time which allows the youngsters of the congregation to share the story of Christmas. “Come, Let Us Adore Him” promises to be a wonderful evening.

On Christmas Eve, you’re invited to arrive early – we will be singing carols starting at 6:45 as the pre-service music this year. The Children’s Choir will also be singing during the service. The Sunday after Christmas, December 30th, will feature even more carols as we respond to scripture with song.

And finally, we are very excited to partner with the choir from New Hope Lutheran to present a mini-cantata for the Feast of the Epiphany. It’s not often that the Day of Epiphany (January 6th, 12 days after Christmas and the commemoration of
the visit of the Magi) falls on a Sunday, so we hope that you will plan to join us for this special gift from our two choirs.

Please join us as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior this Advent and Christmas season.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Children’s Christmas Program

Posted October 31, 2018 By admin

This year’s Children’s Christmas Program will be Sunday, December 16 at 6 pm with a short reception following the performance.
The program, “O Come Let Us Adore Him”, is based on the hymn “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”
All children from kindergarten through 5th grade are invited to participate.
Practices will be on the following Sundays from 4 – 4:45 (immediately after Children’s Choir rehearsal): November 11th & 18th and December 2nd & 9th, with a dress rehearsal on Saturday, December 15th at 10 am.
Adult volunteers are also needed; please contact Angela or Laurie if you would be willing to assist us with this program. The deadline is to let us know is November 4th if your child(ren) will be participating; it will help us greatly in our
preparations for the first practice.

Worship and Music News

Posted October 31, 2018 By admin

One of the busiest times of the church year is rapidly  approaching.  Between now and the end of the calendar year, there are many special services in the life of the church:

  • All-Saints Sunday on November 4th when we remember our loved ones who have passed to the Church Triumphant
  • Thanksgiving Eve service on Wednesday, November 21st at 7 pm when we pause to give thanks for all the gifts the Lord has given us
  • Christ the King Sunday on November 25th which marks the end of the church year
  • The season of Advent begins on Sunday, December 2nd with the Wednesday evening Advent services at 7 pm on December 5th & 12th; December 19th will be a Blue Christmas service (more to come in the December newsletter)
  • Christmas Eve service at 7 pm on December 24th Day of Epiphany on Sunday, January 6th with a special musical offering presented by the combined choirs of  St. Jacob’s and New Hope

Mark your calendars, make plans to join us for these  services and invite friends to visit.

Soli Deo Gloria,


October is STEWARDSHIP month

Posted September 25, 2018 By admin

October is STEWARDSHIP month here at Saint Jacob’s, the time of year when we prayerfully consider how we can use our God given gifts of time, talent and possessions to serve God and our neighbors as STEWARDS of His Kingdom here on earth. The stewardship team has chosen this year to use the offertory prayer as our theme for STEWARDSHIP month.
Merciful Father, we offer with joy and thanksgiving what you have first given us – ourselves, our time, and our possessions, signs of your gracious love. Receive them for the sake of him who offered himself for us, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
In these words, we declare to all that STEWARDSHIP is a way of life, not just something that we talk about, but something that we live out in our daily lives. These words declare our true belief that all that we have is a gift from God, and we give back to Him only a portion, asking Him to “receive them for the sake of him who offered himself for us, Jesus Christ our Lord” – the GREATEST GIFT OF ALL!
There is much work to do and many ministries that require our time, talent and abilities here at Saint Jacob’s. We need teachers, grass cutters, cooks and dish washers, lay readers, acolytes and greeters, team leaders and council members, computer geeks, singers and musicians, bell ringers and bus drivers, prayer warriors and accountants. The list can go on and on, but you know what is needed, and you also know what you are capable of and willing to offer.
It has been said countless times by some, “I would like to do that, but I just don’t think I am the right person”, or “I would do that, but there are others here who can do it better than me.” You are a child of God, and He has given you one or many gifts. Remember, you are the STEWARD of that one, or those many gifts. Do not be afraid to use them in service to our Lord. Offer them with joy and thanksgiving!
We have provided a brief description of our teams, the name of the 2018 team leader, and the Council Representative for each ministry group. Please pray about how you will use your time and talents at St. Jacob’s in 2019 and fill out the Time & Talent form on the reverse and place it in the offering plate on any Sunday up to and including October 28th, the final Sunday of the month.

Thank you.
Your Stewardship Team


2018 Team Leaders & Council Representative

SHORT TERM MINISTRY TEAMS – Ministries that have specific goals to accomplish with definite beginning and ending time periods. These teams are active on an as needed basis – Council Rep: Don

Audit Team – Responsible for auditing all church expenses which includes all auxiliary groups (Lutheran Men, Lutheran Women, Up & Going and St. Jacob’s Youth). Team Leader: Frances

Building Team – Assists in the planning, evaluation and guidance needed in the call to build or expand the property of the church and its ministries. Team Leader: Don

Constitution Team – Reviews the church constitution and makes recommendations for amendments as needed. Team Leader: Robert

Historical Team – Maintains and stores historical books and records of St. Jacob’s. Team Leader: Kayla

MINISTRY TEAMS FOR WITNESS – Ministries that include community outreach and participation; and shares with the community what’s happening at St. Jacob’s – Council Rep: John

Outreach Team – Reaches out and shares God’s love and good news by organizing opportunities of Christian service within our community and beyond. Team Leaders: John and David

Publicity Team – Publicizes church news to make the congregation and the surrounding community aware of events and activities at St. Jacob’s. Team Leader: Walt

MINISTRY TEAMS FOR PARISH LIFE – Fellowship ministries for congregational members – Council Rep: Frances

Congregational Care – Responsible for demonstrating Christian love and providing for the well being and care of the congregation. Assists with congregational fun events including Homecoming, 5th Sunday Fun Night and 1st Sunday Coffee & Lemonade. Team Leader: Billy
Congregational Safety Team – Responsible for the safety of the church and congregation. Team Leader: Jeff

Other fellowship groups for our Congregation: Lutheran Men (Billy); Lutheran Women (Phyllis); Up & Going (Helen); and St. Jacob’s Youth

SUPPORT OF MINISTRY TEAMS – Ministry teams that support the financial and physical assets that belong to our church. – Council Rep: Barry and Brandon

Long Range Planning Team – Studies and evaluates the demographics, spiritual culture in our area and our ministries. Makes recommendations on how we as a congregation can respond to needs in ministry. Team Leader: AJ

Property Team – Responsible for the care and maintenance of all church property at large including all church buildings, the church bus, and cemetery grounds. Team Leader: Chad

Stewardship Team – Encourages the congregation to recognize all they have is a gift from God and to help them understand the Bible tells us a portion of what God gives to us should be returned to Him. Team Leader: Larry

Technology Team – Responsible for the care and maintenance of all office equipment and systems; manages the sound system for all worship events and ensures that the sermons are recorded. Team Leader: Brandon

STAFF SUPPORT MINISTRIES – Ministries that support paid staff – Council Rep: Kathleen
Staff Support Team – Works closely with Pastor to supervise and support all employed or contracted personnel (Music Ministers, Administrative Assistant, Youth Director, Cleaning Staff and Nursery Director). Team Leader: Susan

MINISTRY TEAMS FOR SPIRITUAL LIFE – Ministries to help us grow in our spiritual life and worship. Council Rep: June

Altar Guild Team – Responsible for preparation for Holy Communion; changing paraments; cleaning Communion vessels, linens and acolyte robes; acolytes, banner bearer, crucifer, and lay readers and notifying members of their assigned Sunday for altar flowers. – Team Leader: Brenda

Christian Education Team – Works closely with Pastor to provide opportunities for members of all ages to study and grow in understanding of Christian faith and life. – Team Leader: Open

Prayer Team – Assists in communicating prayer needs to the congregation – Team Leader: Bob & Gloria

Worship & Music Team – Works closely with Music Director and all music related groups: Hand Bells, Adult, Youth and Children’s Choirs. Assists in planning music for worship services. – Team Leader: Open

Worship and Music news

Posted September 25, 2018 By admin

This year’s Children’s Christmas Program will be on Sunday, December 16 at 6 pm with a short reception following the performance. The program, “O Come Let Us Adore Him”, is based on the hymn “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”
All children from preschool through 6th grade are invited to participate.
Practices will be on the following Sundays from 4 – 4:45 (immediately after Children’s Choir rehearsal): November 11th & 18th and December 2nd & 9th, with a dress rehearsal on Saturday, December 15th at 10 am.

Adult volunteers are also needed; please contact Angela or Laurie if you would be willing to assist us with this program.
REMINDER to Children’s Choir: we sing during the worship service on October 28th and December 2nd.

Also to note, the Thanksgiving service will be held on Wednesday, November 21st at 7 pm.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Worship and Music News

Posted August 30, 2018 By admin

It was such a pleasure to return to the LBW & WOV hymnals for our Homecoming month. It sure felt a lot like I’d met up with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I hope that you have also enjoyed this trip into the recent past of our church history.
In other news, I am very excited to welcome Angela Nuottila as our Children’s Choir leader. She will be teaching and directing while I accompany the choir. We have already chosen music and scheduled dates for the Children’s Choir to provide special music during worship as well as made plans for a Children’s Christmas Program (details to follow in the upcoming months). Children’s Choir will practice every Sunday afternoon at 3 pm in the sanctuary. The Choir is open to children in grades 3 through 6. I will continue to meet with all the children at 9:15 am on Sunday mornings for a short musical opening prior to Sunday School.

Soli Deo Gloria,