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Ash Wednesday Service

Posted February 28, 2019 By admin

Make plans to attend our Ash Wednesday Service on March 6th at 7 PM.

Worship and Music

Posted February 28, 2019 By admin

The Worship & Music Committee has been busy planning and preparing for the upcoming Lenten and Easter seasons. We begin the season of Lent with a service on Ash Wednesday, which is March 6th. On the following Wednesdays, please join us at 6:15 PM for a meal, followed by a brief service based on a Lenten drama from Sola Publishing entitled “Pilate’s Investigation: Who Is This Jesus?”

On Palm Sunday, we will gather in the sanctuary for the reading of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem; please make sure to pick up a palm from one of our youth as you enter the church. The reading of the Passion Gospel will transition us from the jubilance of the triumphant entry into the somber events of Holy Week.

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services will begin at 7 PM as in the past.

To continue the Pascal Triduum (The Three Days – Maundy Thursday, Good Friday & Holy Saturday), we will have an Easter Vigil service on Saturday, April 20th at 7 PM. For many of us, this will be a new experience and we hope a very meaningful one as we reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice. The Vigil is a joint effort with New Hope Lutheran Church, in which St. Jacob’s is hosting this year.

Easter Sunday will be a bit different this year. After much discussion, and taking many factors into consideration, it was recommended that we have one Festival Communion service for Easter Sunday. Breakfast will be at 8 AM, followed by the service at 9:30 AM. There will be no early service and no Sunday School.

We look forward to having you worship with us.

Soli Deo Gloria,


Posted February 4, 2019 By admin

In November, the Altar Guild purchased two new pouring chalices and a new wine flagon for use during Holy Communion. We have also received a gift of four new individual cup serving trays with two lids. With these new vessels, St. Jacob’s will become better stewards of the communion elements shared during our worship. With these new items will come a couple of small changes in how we serve the wine. The chalices that were purchased have a pouring lip and will be used to pour wine during the distribution. After receiving the bread, the communion assistant will pour an individual cup of wine for each person. Many of our communion assistants have been trained and found this to be a simple way to serve. The chalices are also much wider at the brim so communion by way of intinction will be much better as well.

One other change will be the frequency by which we receive communion in individual cups. Several have indicated their preference for individual cups rather than intinction. Beginning in February, we will have wine poured on the odd numbered Sundays of the month, and communion by intinction on the even numbered Sundays.

Thank you to all who have attended communion assistant training. Thank you also the members of our Altar Guild who continually work to ensure the preparation of our worship space and altar each week.


Posted February 4, 2019 By admin

St. Jacob’s Youth will lead the congregation in worship on Sunday, February 24th at 10:30 a.m. Please be sure to come support our youth members as they lead us in prayer and song.

Worship and Music News

Posted February 4, 2019 By admin

So many wonderful things to talk about from the last month! The weeks leading up to Christmas are always rather hectic for a church musician no matter how much advance planning is done; but looking back at everything we did together as a church family in December and early January, I am amazed at the depth of spirituality that came out in every worship service.

A huge thank you: to Angela for all her hard work with the children for the Christmas program; to the youth who read the scriptures for the program; to the parents who brought their children to all the practices and to those who helped with costumes and props. “Come Let Us Adore Him” was a beautiful presentation of the Christmas story made possible by everyone working together.

To Wade, Kathy, David, Evan and John for the instrumental music on Christmas Eve – it adds so much to the service and brings joy to the congregation. To all those who attended the Christmas morning service – what a blessed, holy time that service was; a moment to take a deep breath and reflect on the birth of our Savior.

Many, many thanks to Pastor David and to Pastor James from New Hope for the guidance and support for our combined choirs’ Epiphany cantata. I’ve had so many positive comments from both choir members and parishioners, as well as suggestions for doing similar presentations in the future.

And now, I look forward to what the year 2019 will bring to the music program at St. Jacob’s.

Soli Deo Gloria!
(To God alone the glory!)

The Power of Prayer

Posted January 9, 2019 By admin

by Pastor David

The author of the book of James, Jesus’ very own brother, writes an epistle to the Church in which he exhorts believers in Christ to encourage one another in their faith. James teaches us to pray for those for whom there is genuine concern. James writes, “Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working” James 5:16.

Here at St. Jacob’s, we have so many who believe in the power of prayer. I have been with folks praying for healing, for peace of mind and for calming of fear. I have also been with others to offer thanks to God in a variety of situations. I enjoy those times when I am able to pray with members of our church family and hear the petitions they bring to our Lord.

We also have a congregation that cares very much for the people whom they love, folks who are known to them, but perhaps not to the congregation as a whole. Each week, as we say the Prayers of the Church, I offer the congregation time to pray for those, who are on their hearts and minds either out loud or in the silence of their hearts. There were very few, at first, who would actually speak a name of a loved one aloud. I have noticed, lately, that more have become comfortable doing so. I also am convinced that many more people are praying in the silence of their hearts. Truly, at this point in our worship, we are a community in prayer.

Each month, the narthex prayer board becomes filled with names. I understand it has been the practice in recent years to recite each of these names during the Prayers of the Church. Given the length of this list, and our growth as a community in prayer, it is time that we offer the opportunity for others to speak the names of those loved ones on our prayer board in prayer, either out loud, or in silence. As James teaches us, it is not the voice of the one who recites the prayer, it is the faith through which the prayer is offered.

As pastor, I will continue to speak out loud the names of our church members appearing on our prayer list. I will also continue to allot time for the congregation to offer to God the prayers for those whom they love. I would also suggest that we continue to list on the prayer board, the names of those for whom there is genuine concern. Be sure that you have the person’s permission before hand, so that we may continue to list them in our worship bulletin while ensuring personal privacy. Be certain, the prayers offered by the community at worship are powerful as they are working. God knows the needs of those for whom we pray, just as he knows the faith in which you offer your prayers in love toward your neighbor. May the Lord bless you as you pray for those whom you love.

New Communion ware and Assistant Training

Posted January 9, 2019 By admin

In November, the Altar Guild purchased two new pouring chalices and a new wine flagon for use during Holy Communion. With these new vessels, St. Jacob’s will be better stewards of the communion elements shared during our worship. All those who serve as communion assistants are asked to attend one of the scheduled training sessions in January. Holy Communion assistant training will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 6th and Sunday, January 13th.

Worship and Music News

Posted January 9, 2019 By admin

On December 2nd, the Children’s Choir sang “O Promised One, O Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, Messiah, come. May we see your Light and walk your way.” The adult choir followed by singing “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus”, “Waiting for a King”, and “Waiting for the Promise” on the Sundays of Advent and “The Birthday of a King” on Christmas Eve.

The ancient prophesies that we read in the season of Advent tell us that the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. That great light, the light of the world, was born as a helpless baby in a lowly cattle stall in the tiny village of Bethlehem. No one knew the significance of that birth, except a few shepherds to whom the angels appeared. It wasn’t until later, 12 days later according to the calendar, that a visit from three men, who had studied the ancient prophesies and followed the guiding of a strangely bright star, revealed that this child Jesus was indeed the promised one … Emmanuel … the King of kings … the light for whom the dark world had been waiting.

On January 6th, we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, which commemorates the arrival of the Magi and the giving of their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the holy child. The combined choirs of St. Jacob’s and New Hope Lutheran Churches will present a mini-cantata at 9 a.m. at New Hope and 10:30 a.m. at St. Jacob’s. Following each of the scripture readings, a special anthem will be sung to tell the story … from ancient prophesy … to the birth of Jesus … to the Epiphany, which is the revealing of the Christ child as God incarnate, the light and salvation of the world.

Advent – waiting for the light and preparing for the second coming of Christ

Christmas – the birth of the light as a humble baby who would walk with us in this world

Epiphany – the revelation to the world that Jesus IS the light for whom we have waited
Soli Deo Gloria!
(To God alone the glory!)

Christmas Morning at St. Jacob’s

Posted November 27, 2018 By admin

On Tuesday, December 25th, we will be having a Christmas Service at 10 AM. All are welcome to come and celebrate the birth of our Lord.

Our celebration of the Nativity of our Lord will be held on Monday, December 24th, Christmas Eve beginning at 7:00 p.m. Invite your friends, neighbors and family members to join us for Candlelight Worship with Holy Communion on this holiest of nights. All are welcome to come sing praises unto the New Born King.