Invite Your One

A study done several years ago of Christians and evangelism found that Christians who attend worship regularly within main line denominational churches seldom invite others to worship with them. Some surveys indicate the average Lutheran Church member invites only 1.2 people to worship in their lifetime.
One of the Core Values of the North American Lutheran Church is to be a mission driven church. Being mission driven means many things. One of these is that we are a church committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is to invite friends and neighbors to worship with us.
During the summer months, Pastor David is challenging each church family member to invite at least one person per month to worship with us. It can be someone you have known for a long time, someone you recently met, or perhaps even a stranger who was in line ahead of you at the market. Whoever it is, invite them. But don’t be discouraged if they don’t come, just keep inviting. Invite your one, and share the good news!