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From the Pastor’s Heart

Posted May 1, 2018 By admin

And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. Acts 2:4

When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all in one place. Who were they? In the first chapter of Acts, Luke tell us it was Peter, the rest of the apostles, the women who accompanied them, and Mary the mother of Jesus. They were gathered together in Jerusalem, devoted to prayer and Holy Scripture. On that day, Jerusalem was crowded with people attending the Feast of Weeks. Jerusalem was also a large city serving as a center for trade. With all the commotion, we can imagine relatively few people were paying attention to those gathered together in one place, but that would change
soon enough. In a moment, the Holy Spirit would come and the city would surely take notice.

We are not much different than those who gathered in Jerusalem waiting for the Spirit. We assemble in God’s name each week on the Lord’s day, gathered in prayer and fellowship. What would we do if the Holy Spirit were to come and blow the doors of our church wide open and fill us with the same gifts as the disciples? Guess what…he already has! Each week we hear the same gospel Peter preached to the people in the streets of Jerusalem. We hear the same good news, that Jesus, God’s Word made flesh, came to dwell with his people. How he was mighty in words and deed yet, because of our sin he was handed over and crucified. But God raised him from the dead and he reigns forever. Through this same Jesus Christ, God forgives our sins and makes us inheritors of his kingdom.

I am so glad God has called me here to St. Jacob’s to proclaim this good news to you. I am even more glad that he has called us all to this one place that we may share this gospel truth with our community and world. I hope you feel this same excitement. I pray that you all sense God’s calling our congregation to be about the exciting work of sharing the good news of his Son Jesus in ways that we have not considered before. This is what Pentecost is all about.

It isn’t about wearing your red dress or red shirt to church on Sunday. It isn’t about confirming our youth as they complete their initial study of the catechism. Pentecost is about the Holy Spirit of God blowing through the hearts and minds of believers, filling us with all the confidence, strength, excitement and assurance the disciples had so long ago.

Think about all the times where you were at your wit’s end and didn’t know where to turn. Think about those times of uncertainty when God’s peace suddenly filled your heart and you realized you were not alone in your struggle. Now, think about the world around you, the things you have heard and seen. Don’t’ you think the world needs to hear this good news of great joy? This is what Pentecost is all about. It is about disciples of Jesus Christ going into the world sharing the good news of salvation with our neighbor.

Family of St. Jacob’s, we are Pentecost people. Jesus calls us to share the gospel with the world around us. He calls us to love our neighbor, meet the needs of others, carry their burden, and shower them with the love of God. This is what Peter and the apostles did in Jerusalem so long ago. The same Holy Spirit fills us, and though his gifts, we are also well equipped to do the work of the gospel. May we all be diligent in sharing our faith with others.

Grace and peace,

Pastor David Nuottila
From the Pastor’s Heart

Lutheran Women News

Posted May 1, 2018 By admin

Our Congregational Luncheon Fundraiser will be held on May 6 following the church service. We hope all of you will come and enjoy the delicious spaghetti dinner prepared by the Lutheran Women with all the trimmings. Don’t forget about the fellowship. The Lutheran Women will meet at 9 AM on Saturday, May 5 to set up. Please bring your spouse to help with the tables. This fundraiser is being done in order for our group to help those in need whether it be a church member or someone outside our church family. The names will be kept secret and can be handled through our Pastor.

NOTE: The Mother-Daughter/Friend Tea Party is now a Mother, Daughter, Friend, Cousin, or Sister Brunch and the time has also changed to 11 AM on June 23. The menu will be quiche, cheese, fruit, fancy spinach salad, cheese cake squares and croissants drizzled in honey butter with peach and regular tea. Tickets will go on sale on June 3 following the service in the fellowship hall. Cost will be $5 per person and children 3 years and under are free. Please remember to bring food items for We Care. School will soon be out and they will be feeding many families. The boxes for drop off are located in the fellowship hall.
Phyllis, Leader

Lutheran Men News

Posted May 1, 2018 By admin

The Lutheran Men’s next meeting is May 20 at 6 PM in the fellowship hall. Lynn has devotions and all men are requested to be here to assist with the cooking. All ladies are requested to attend that evening for A Ladies Night Hamburger Cookout sponsored by the men. Come enjoy a hamburger and fellowship with the church family. (Be watching worship folders for information on our upcoming BBQ.)

Worship and Music News

Posted May 1, 2018 By admin

Music speaks to our souls and can touch us
in unexpected ways during our lives. If you’re like
me, there are songs you grew up singing, songs that
had a deeper meaning to you than the mere words
on the page. Perhaps it was a song that you just
happened to hear or sing at a time when you needed
to be reminded of the truth written in those words.
This summer – from the first Sunday in June
through the 3rd Sunday in August, you have the
opportunity to choose what the choir sings for the
offertory anthem. We’d like to know your favorite
hymns: ones from old hymnals, spirituals, gospel
songs, children’s songs, camp songs – anything that
is appropriate for worship service.

There will be a box in the narthex along with
paper and pencils for you to write down those
favorites. You don’t have to look up a hymn number;
simply write the title of the hymn. If you aren’t sure
of the title, but know the lyrics to the refrain, write
that down. You don’t have to write your name on the
paper but please be aware that if there is any
difficulty in locating the hymn you requested, I would
not know who to contact for additional information.

Each summer Sunday, starting May 27th,
during the children’s sermon, one of the children will
draw a hymn out of the box. That hymn will be the
anthem on the following Sunday. And if there are
any members of the congregation who would like to
come to the choir loft during the sharing of the peace
to sing that hymn with the choir, this is your

Soli Deo Gloria,


Up and Going News

Posted May 1, 2018 By admin

Twenty one (21) members and guests boarded the St. Jacob’s Express at 9:30 AM on April 12th to go to lunch at the Schoolhouse Bar-B-Q in Scranton, SC, then to Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden in Bishopville, SC. Davis gave the devotions based on asking God for His directions BEFORE we act. Adam and Eve forgot to ask BEFORE eating of the forbidden fruit, as did many others throughout the Bible, just as we do not ask. The time to ask God for help is before we act not after. Lots of good material to think about. Thank you Davis for devotions and planning our trip. The food at the Schoolhouse Bar-B-Q was overwhelmingly plentiful and SO delicious, especially the fried chicken and pork chops. We then went to Pearly Fryar Topiary Garden. The weather was perfect and the topiary garden was so impressive. Mr. Fryar came out and chatted with us for a long time. So much fun to casually walk through and enjoy Mr. Fryar’s handiwork, lots of hard work. Gerald provided transportation. We sincerely appreciate Gerald. Everyone returned home tired and happy.

On May 10, we have a day trip planned for the Charleston Tea Plantation and the Angel Tree in Charleston. Plan to leave St. Jacob’s at 8:30 AM. Lunch will be at Gilligan’s (Dutch treat). Gerald will drive the bus for us. Ray will provide devotions. All are invited.

Pastor’s Devotional for the Month

Posted May 1, 2018 By admin

Strengthened through Faith
Acts 15:36 – 16:5, 1 Peter 5:1-14

Everyone faces a time when the best made plans fall apart. Projects seem too daunting, resources don’t add up, or
perhaps we simply cannot rise to the occasion. Barnabas and Paul planned to revisit those churches included in
their first missionary journey. But prior to leaving they had a stark disagreement. At issue was John Mark’s
abandoning them early on. When the going got tough, young John Mark retreated to his home in Jerusalem. Yet this
was not the end for Mark.

As Mark grew in years and experience, he also grew in faith. At the point of our reading today, Barnabas is ready to
offer him another chance. Barnabas took Mark along to Cyprus where he continued his ministry. Later, Mark would
also serve extensively with Peter (1 Peter 5:13). Even Paul would come to rely upon Mark as a servant of the gospel
(Col. 4:10-11).

Mark serves as an example for Christians today. Even in our failures, God strengthens the faithful through the power
of the Holy Spirit. And so we continue in our calling, persevering in faith, ministering to our neighbor, and proclaiming
the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Mighty God, strengthen my weaknesses and give me confidence to boldly share the truth of your Son
Jesus Christ. Amen.

Council News

Posted May 1, 2018 By admin

Council noted Good Things at St. Jacob’s this past month included that the Lenten services and meals were well received, Holy Week services were good and even had better attendance than last year.

Ministry Teams – Thank you to those that submitted monthly reports. A few highlights of the monthly reports are
included below.

Staff Support – Staff Support team members were received.

Spiritual Life – A long range plan is being put together for the new children’s choir. Adult volunteers are needed to
rotate during the practices for the children.

Altar Guild met on March 11, 2018. Feedback from the congregation was discussed and reviewed.

Prayer Team – Leaders and members were received and recorded.

Short Term – The St.Jacob’s Youth treasury books were great. The church treasury books were audited.

The Constitution Team is working to make the constitution information in the report booklet consistent.

The Building Team is working with the Long Range Planning Team on the goals for the church.

Parish Life – Lutheran Women are currently planning the May 6th congregational meal as well as the June 23rd
Mother-Daughter Brunch.

The Fellowship Team planned a bowling trip for April 5, 2018.

Up and Going had 13 members and 1 guest at their monthly meeting, they meet in the fellowship hall to enjoy a “Brown Bag Items” lunch. Each member brought an item of food that you would find in a lunch bag. Helen provided a devotion on how to deal with bad news media. An April 12, 2018, event is planned. The group plans to visit Bishopville, SC for a BBQ lunch.

Youth – The Youth BBQ raised approximately $2,500. Thank you to all that helped with this successful event! The next Youth meeting was planned for April 15th at 5pm. The group plans to attend Sonic for a Bible Study. There is a need for a Youth Leader to begin the month of May and lead this group until a Youth Minister can be hired.

Support of Ministries – The Technology Team members were received.

The Cemetery Team cut brush along the wooded area in the cemetery.


Posted April 30, 2018 By admin

Are you making Summer plans? All of us need time away from our routine to refresh and recharge! It is the same for our faith life! Doing more than the routine can really ignite our spiritual walk with the Lord, especially with the young Christians. Plans for Vacation Bible School at St. Jacob’s will soon be underway.

1) Pray for the attendees and the leaders,
2) Prayerfully consider serving as part of the VBS team,
3) Mark your calendars for July 15-19 for VBS, and
4) Watch your worship folder for more details.

Campfirmation Service Project

Posted April 30, 2018 By admin

Each year, as part of our teaching on the season of Pentecost, our Campfirmation cluster has students engage in a service project to benefit our neighbors in need. This year we will be working with NALC Disaster Response, preparing emergency health and education kits for those displaced by natural disasters. Throughout the month of May, we will accept donations of items (all in original packaging) for these kits. A drop box will be located in the Fellowship Hall.


Heath Kit Items
Dark colored bath towels and wash cloths (new)
Bars of soap
Toothpaste, tooth brushes, dental floss
Combs and hairbrushes

School Kit Items
Spiral notebooks (please, no loose leaf paper)
Blunt scissors, Plastic rulers
Pencils and Erasers
Packages of construction paper
24 count box of crayons
++ Calculator (for high school students

What is your favorite hymn?

Posted April 30, 2018 By admin

Haven’t heard it sung lately? Wish we’d sing it more often? Well, here’s your chance. This summer, we’d like to sing YOUR favorite hymns as anthems. Put the title of the hymn (or lyrics if you’re unsure of the title) into the box in the narthex. Each week, starting on May 27th, one of the children will draw a hymn from the box and that hymn will be the anthem for the following Sunday. So don’t be shy – tell us those favorite hymns!